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Reusable Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover (4 Pairs)

Reusable Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover (4 Pairs)

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Description:(4 pair type Randomly boxed)

Solid nipple (skin tone), suitable for all kinds of skin, no allergy and irritation to human skin.

The unique oxygen-permeable and oxygen-absorbing design of the nipple patch can not only cover the color of the nipple and areola, but also the nipple bumps and protect the nipple beautiful and healthy.

  Swimming, wearing perspective dress, backless dress, tight dress, low-cut strapless gown, especially suitable for wedding photos and personal portraits. Small and portable. The thickness is about 3 mm, light and thin, non-sense, comfortable and more compliant, release the chest, invisible and no trace

Can be curled up arbitrarily, soft and delicate, strong toughness, can be used repeatedly without deformation

The nipple is designed around the edge, thick in the middle, and thinner at the edge, which can better fit the skin. The material is delicate and soft, and makes the skin more comfortable. 


Name: solid silicone breast paste products

Material: Silicone Color: Skin tone

Features: Anti-convex, invisible and trace-free, light

Uses: Sling/Bikini/Swimsuit Advantages: Bio-silica gel, healthy skin-friendly, strong adhesion, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly fit invisible micro-edge, no trace of wear



1. Please keep it out of the reach of children.

2. Do not use when there are abnormalities such as wounds, eczema, and redness.

3. Please do not put it near the fire source, or in a place with high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight, so as not to cause deformation or deterioration.

4. Based on the protection of consumer personal , this personalized product will not accept returns or exchanges, thank you!

5. When cleaning, please use clean water plus a little soap or shower milk and wash it by , avoid throwing it into the machine to maintain the life of the chest stickers!

6. Shake off excess water after cleaning, put it back in the transparent box to allow it to dry, then close the lid.

7. Do not use towels, tissues, etc. to wipe the chest stickers, because the fabric fibers will stick to the silicone.

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